Marketing guru Seth Godin writes today about risk-taking in marketing. Most notably, he says, “Brand pioneers and early adopters are proud of their stance. It makes us feel good to share war stories. Be proud of your risk takers and they’ll return the favor.”

In producing a new press event like Peek, there’s certainly a degree of risk– risk among prospective exhibitors that Peek is a right fit; risk that the right media will show and like what they see (and write about it); and risk that the media will even show up at all!

I’ve used the phrase “leap of faith” more than once in convincing brands and their PR agencies to come onboard, realizing it’s human nature to want everything wrapped up neatly in a perfect little package with no room for error and no surprises.

And as I experienced with my other Food Fete press event, exhibitors at the first event in 2005 took a leap of faith that it would pay off for them. Judging by the number of repeat exhibitors we’ve enjoyed, their leap must have paid off, which means surprises can sometimes be good.

I admit, some of the uncertainty keeps me up at night, because a lot is at stake for me and the companies that put their faith in me. But when I look at the “risk versus reward” equation, I honestly believe it’s worth it. Because despite the fact of how most people love to control every aspect of their work and personal lives, deep down it’s that little piece of the unknown that keeps things exciting.

And as Seth alluded to, the real reward is surviving the risk to play the game another day.